Our Team

Mr. Vikrant Tongad:   Vikrant Tongad is a self trained environment activist. He started conservation of water and environment in the year 2010 because the water table of Noida and Greater Noida (UP) was depleting at a great speed. Seeing water wastage in the vicinity he formed team to bring awareness among villagers and took out first water rally in his own village and nearby villages which created a lot of awareness among villagers about water conservation. The villagers then realized the amount of water they waste in one year is equal to the amount of water a builder wastes in one day in Greater Noida. The builders in Noida and Greater Noida pump out ground water to build basement, which they throw in drains. This practice was leading to depletion of ground water at a fast rate. Vikrant Tongad approached many government departments to stop wastage of ground water but none of them helped him. He then approached National Green Tribunal (NGT) for stopping the wastage and depletion of groundwater. NGT took the matter seriously and passed an order that no builder should use groundwater and at the same time carry out dewatering. This was a good judgment which helped in conservation of water at a large scale. Currently due to this judgment, approximately around 500 builders are using water coming from sewage treatment plant instead of groundwater which is helping in stopping in wastage of thousands of liters of groundwater.

Along with this, awareness programmers for stopping wastage of groundwater are also being carried out. This awareness programmes has been named “Jal Chopal” . Until now more than 50 such Jal Chopals have been conducted in villages, schools and colleges.

And in 2013 Vikrant Tongad and other few nature enthusiasts and conservationist found “Social Action for Forest & Environment” (SAFE).

A lot of work has also been done for preservation of Rainwater harvesting (RWH). Vikrant also filed a petition in NGT for starting RWH in all Metro stations. Additionally, NGT also fined five star hotels, hospitals, malls, RWA  and others who have not started doing RWH in lakhs of rupees. This has resulted in strict implementation of RWH in Delhi.

Also, Vikrant tongad is trying to bring Metro project within the projects which require prior Environment Clearance. After much struggle the Noida Metro Project has been asked to take Environment Clearance. This makes the Noida-Gr. Noida Metro Project  as the country’s first green metro project.

Due to his petition at NGT, construction around Dadri and Surajpur wetland has been prohibited. Already in the name of construction, there was a lot of harm caused to the wetlands. Other than this, there is a lot of work being carried out by Vikrant for the conservation of Ganga, Yamuna and Hindan rivers. After efforts of Vikrant around 30 illegal packaged water plants were close in Noida, Gr. Noida in 2013. They were using groundwater without any permission.

Mr. Kirshan Kant Singh: Krishan Kant Singh an eminent social activist on the issues of environment , rural development and to give strengthen of democratic institutions A graduate from Delhi University and staying in Gr. Noida leading “Pashuvadh Prtirodh Andolan” and he has undertaken several initiatives towards conserving the ground water in Hapur area of UP, near Ganga River.

Mr. Kuldeep Nagar: Is a Greater Noida based lawyer.He has been working actively towards helping these people lead a self sustainable lifestyle under developed conditions , by supporting projects in the area of health care , sanitation , education , plantation , vocational training , women’s empowerment so forth. He is highly responsible , a man of dignity & a socialite , who is always keen to do something for the welfare of society.

Mr. Akash Vashishtha: With a graduate degree in Science from University of Delhi, he has been actively working in different spheres of conserving the ecology and heritage for last 6 years.

Mr. Vikash Tongad: Is a farmer and young activist, residing in Bhanouta village of Greater Noida and is inspiring hundreds of local youth to save the region’s environmental health.

Mr. Prdeep Kharbanda: Is an Architect and expert in urban planning, with his degree from the prestigious School of Planning of Architecture (SPA).

Mr. Vivek Kamboj: Is an environment activist carrying out his advocacy for environment conservation from Gurgaon. He has worked actively in protecting the Aravali Forest Range in Haryana and other forests of the state.

Mr. Debaadityo Sinha: He is an young environment engineer and activist, film maker and an expert in conservation outreach and EIA of thermal power plants and coal mines. He is presently leading the ‘Vindhya Bachao’ movement based at Mirzapur-Varanasi. He is Director of Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation, Mirzapur and founder of Eco One organization in Banaras Hindu University.

Mrs. Padmawati Dwivedi: Is a New-Delhi based tree activist, running a nation-wide movement ‘Compassionate Living’, aiming to inculcate compassion and harmony among humans towards all creatures living on the planet.

Mr. Sushil Raghav: Is a Ghaziabad based fierce environment activist who is combating the rising air and water pollution ion NCR and is working towards restoring and rejuvenating the water bodies of Ghaziabad district.

Ramveer Tanwar : He is an young Social activist from Gr. Noida, UP. Ramveer is an engineer by profession. He is running a water awareness campaign at Gr. Noida.