Pesticides and Fertilizers

Pesticides and fertilizers are being used in agriculture and in other places which are badly affecting the environment and health.Therefore, control over dangerous pesticides is necessary. The efforts of S.A.F.E.have led to a ban on those pesticides in India that are also banned in other countries due to its effect on the environment and on health. We are constantly liaisoning with governmental authorities. At the same time, we are doing research to check the effect of their effects locally. We are constantly making the farmers aware that they should not use it, but look at its options. Rivers are being quite damaged by the pesticides and fertilizer are being used in farming along the banks of rivers.Therefore, We are trying to get chemical free farming on the Flood Plain of Ganga. Along with this, we are also trying to prevent pollution from factories that produce pesticides and fertilizers, as information remains that this type of industry is spreading pollution on the scale.