S.A.F.E. was founded in 2013 as a non-profit organization and is registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 at Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR).

Founders of S.A.F.E. have been working on environmental issues since 2010 with the mission of Environmental Justice to all even prior to registering the organization.

Depletion and illegal extraction of ground water,air pollution issues in Delhi National Capital Region was the starting point for their which then cascaded to Environmental issues as well. Although the organization is based in North India and has done extensive work in north, their work has far reaching consequences spreading to the whole of India.


“Environmental Justice” to all by environmental justice we mean that the rights of every one towards clean air, pure water,  no pollution, sanitation, greenery etc. is upheld.

Our focus areas are:

 Water conservation, rainwater harvesting, groundwater depletion, power plants, water intensive industries, conservation of
ponds and wetlands, water wastage control
 Environment protection, illegal cutting of trees, plantation, sand mining, river
conservation, implementation of environmental laws, wildlife, agricultural waste/crop burning
 Sanitation, health and mobile tower radiation
 Agricultural practices: organic farming, chemical free farming
 Awareness and education on environmental issues,
* Corporate Social Responsibility

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