Training & Awareness

Awareness  :

Jal Chaupal: This is a public awareness program. Ground water is getting depleted at a fast rate in many parts of India. In this program we organize meeting with villagers, RWAs, students, and educate them about water conservation. Currently, we are doing many such awareness drives in Delhi-NCR. However, many of our volunteers have organized this all over India.

School Programs/Workshop: Students should be aware of environmental protection and energy conservation. Our school programs focus on interactivity and intricate details. We also use case studies and problem solving so that students are encouraged to think on the various issues and also be encouraged to come out with solutions. We are focusing on youth of the villages and students particularly.

Jan Samadhan(Consultation) – S.A.F.E. helps people in environmental issues. People contact us either directly or on the basis of references. We specialize in troubleshooting, real time problem solving. We advise people on issues of environment, agriculture, education, health and corruption. This has helped a lot of people.

Training :

Training is imparted to farmers, students, and teachers. Training is given to farmers regarding natural farming for agriculture and environment sustainability.  We are also training students on how they can save the environment. We are also training teachers how they can educate the children about environment issues and importance. We are doing this program together with other expert organizations. The course gives students information about the environmental issues and laws of India.