Waste management

Solid waste Management i.e.Garbage management is a matter of great concern currently in India, especially where we are producing more than 115000 tons of plastic waste every year. Most of the garbage is being burned in open fire and there is tremendous scope to treat and dispose it safely. In big cities, mountains of garbage have accumulated. Therefore S.A.F.E. is working to stop this malpractice of burning waste in Delhi-NCR. As soon as we receive information about burning of garbage, S.A.F.E. immediately lodges complain to the concerned department.

In addition to this, in the village Bhanauta, Greater Noida, when the authority was dumping waste illegally, S.A.F.E. took up this issue at the highest level, after which the illegal dumping stopped. Due to this dumping, people from nearby villages were getting sick. Apart from this, efforts are being made to quicken the action for getting the proposed site for the disposal of Noida, Gr. Noida and Dadri cities. We are also doing awareness programs to the RWAs and villagers for disposal/composting of garbage.