*Hasanpur Wetland, natural lake: Hasanpur Lake which is situated at Hapur district (UP) is spread across more than 300 acres of land. This lake is constantly getting polluted as the place around it is being allotted to small industries and builders. Thereby, causing a great threat to the existence of the lake. A road has also been constructed over the lake. This lake is the biggest lake in Delhi-NCR but no policy has been formulated for its conservation. S.A.F.E. has conducted a survey in this area, collected information using Right to Information (RTI), and has written letters to government which has brought some improvement in the situation.More work is going on for conservation of this wetland.

*Surajpur Wetland: This wetland has been destroyed to make eco-park. Its natural ecology was being destroyed to construct artificial park and which was causing harm to the wetland and forest around it.  For this thousands of trees were cut and some were even cut illegally. We raised this issue and complaint about illegal felling of trees to the Government and Forest Department. The guilty were fined for cutting trees which lay at the periphery just outside the wetland. A petition has been filed in NGT for protecting the trees which lie inside the proposed eco-park area. Additionally, in the petition filed by S.A.F.E., NGT has passed an order which restricts any construction in the wetland which has benefited the wetland profusely.


*Dhanori Wetland: This wetland situated in Delhi-NCR is the largest habitat for Sarus birds where hundreds of birds can be seen together at a time. But this wetland was shrinking and was being neglected by Development Authority which was planning to construct a road in the middle. S.A.F.E. member and some other nature activists appealed to the government that this wetland should be preserved. After much persuasions and efforts, the environmental development authority and Forest Department made a plan to conserve it. Due to this wetland, the water table in the adjacent area will also be maintained. Our work is going on for conservation of this wetland. And now local authority is seriously working for protection of this important wetland.